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Kind Words From Past Clients

Kate & Chebon
{First-time parents in the hospital}

Nicole is a unique doula. She is very experienced, possesses in-depth knowledge about every aspect of the birthing process, and is generous with her time. Above all, she has a huge heart and great soothing energy. Nicole gave us the support that was so much needed during the pandemic when I was separated from my family and friends. She spent almost three days with us at the hospital, getting very little sleep but making sure my voice was heard. I am confident that my birthing experience and the outcome would be much different if not for Nicole. It's been almost four months since I gave birth, and we are still in touch almost every week. Nicole has become a friend and an important connection to our family. You'll be fortunate if you manage to arrange to work with Nicole. As any great talent, she is always in demand! 

Jenny & Graeme 
{First-time parents/birthing center/repeat clients}

I had a beautiful birth at Special Beginnings, a birthing center which offers a birth at your own speed and without medical intervention unless absolutely needed. The midwives were amazing, and attended to the birth of our daughter and her health and safety. Nicole attended to me, along with my husband. Whether a first time mom like I was, or having done this before, I can say with certainty that having Nicole there was one of the reasons I had the empowering birth I dreamed of.

She reminded me that my body was made to do this. She calmly told me, over and over, you ARE doing this! I took childbirth classes with Nicole so I knew exactly what was happening to my body, but yet in the moment the overwhelming emotion and energy to birth, a baby can take over. She kept me focused on the small things like breathing and meditating which allowed me to fully be aware and an active part of my birth. She celebrated each contraction, she held my hand and encouraged me, and in the hardest moments, she kept me focused on the moment when I would hold and meet my daughter.

Nicole never took the role of my husband! He was an amazing partner, but it was so nice to know she was looking out for us and our bond was only strengthened by her presence. My husband was nervous and I know her calming presence allowed him to be there for me at his own comfort level.

The way you remember your birth story, your experience of having a child, no matter how the baby was born, is as important as the actual process. Nicole made ours special and had my birth not gone as intended, she still would have made it her goal to make me feel empowered, protected, and in control. She excelled in every one of these things and I look forward to her being our doula again soon!

*I was fortunate enough to also be Jenny and Graeme's doula for the homebirth of their second child, Finn {as seen in the last picture}.

Corey & Jill
{A father's perspective on doulas}


When we started this journey I didn’t even know what a Doula was and now that Zoey is here, I can’t imagine going through that experience without you. Before her birth we were preparing by scouring the Internet, reading books, watching documentaries, and taking birthing classes–all so we could learn how to bring her into this world as smoothly as possible. Even with that arsenal of knowledge available, your service as our Doula was the single best investment we could have made.

As a husband who is a “fixer” by nature, I wanted to support my wife so she could go through the labor process with as much comfort as possible. Before we met you I thought my emotional support would be enough and a Doula wouldn’t be necessary. How wrong I was. After our first meeting I knew your experience and practical knowledge would be invaluable. Your expertise gave Jill everything she needed to get through a difficult birth.

The bumps in the road we experienced were handled with ease because you were able to keep us grounded, informed and aware of all our options. Your ability to calmly guide us through what was happening during each step of the process helped me relax, and that gave me the ability to focus more on the birth of our daughter instead of the medical chaos. Simply put, you allowed me to be cool when I was about to freak out!

From beginning to end, our experience with you was amazingly positive. Your professionalism was overshadowed only by your passion for helping others with true care. You shaped the first moments of our new family and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you. 

Image by Laura Fuhrman

Kate & Brendan

{First-time mom with some fears}

My husband and I had our first child in August and we couldn’t have gotten through it with out the assistance of our birth doula, Nicole!  We wanted the best birth experience possible. I also was very scared of a c-section and wanted to learn how, if at all, I could avoid that.


Nicole knows everything from calming techniques in labor to the best positions for labor to be in for the baby. I went to 42 weeks with my baby boy and had a bit of a difficult end to what was overall a great pregnancy! I had something called “prodromal labor”.  Basically my contractions were very painful but they were irregular in duration, length, and intensity. We were on the phone with Nicole until 1am that Thursday morning that my labor began.  She was so helpful in calming the both of us down and in telling me different positions I could get in to relieve some of the pain. This labor went on for the next 4 nights! During the day I would have some pains but then it would stop for the most part. Finally, on the day I was scheduled to be induced at midnight, my contractions got longer and stronger in intensity.


When we got to the hospital I was 6 cm’s already. Through my entire labor, Nicole was talking me through contractions and suggesting positions that might help me to feel better and get my labor to progress. She also was reminding me of important things to do throughout labor, like go to the bathroom, drink water, change positions, and put on chapstick. All of the things that you cannot remember in labor (and your husband won’t either). Once I was finally ready to push, she was an awesome coach! Thanks to Nicole, I pushed for only an hour and our baby boy was here! She helped me get started with breastfeeding and assured that I got to hold my baby boy right away!  She also answered lots of questions--and still does post birth and delivery!  When we have baby #2, we for sure want Nicole to be there!


Emily & Phil

{First-time parents & Yoga studio owners}

Where do I start? Nicole is AMAZING!  Having Nicole as my doula was one of the best decisions I've ever made!  She knew exactly what to do and say when I needed her in labor.  I'm also so glad I took her birthing & infant massage classes! From start to finish, Nicole was loving, knowledgeable and very professional.  When we are ready for baby #2, I will be calling her again for sure!  Our experience with Nicole was 100% positive! Love her!

Courtney & Michael
{First-time parents/Hospital/Natural Birth}

Nicole made my childbirth experience calm and positive, and I will hire her again if I have another child. She helped educate me before, during and after childbirth and she is a tremendous resource. She offers positive feedback and constant reassurance at a time when a new mother can feel frustrated, confused and overwhelmed. Never judgmental, Nicole provides information as well as her own anecdotes so that you can make your own decisions – on everything from choosing the right doctor, to drafting a birth plan, breastfeeding, and finding soothing techniques and baby gear that works for you.


Nicole is a wonderful person to be around. She is energetic yet so composed at all times, and I felt totally safe and secure having her by my side during this most private and intimate experience. Nicole helped talk me through the stages of labor and delivery, and she helped me to relax and feel in control of my birth plan so that I could have the natural birth I wanted. I had never thought about having a birth doula until I met Nicole, and I am so grateful to have met her! I recommend Nicole with the highest rating.

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