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"The Dream Team"

If there's one thing I've learned over the last 20 years, it's that I'm just as much a doula to the partner as I am to the birthing person! My goal is always to facilitate and enhance the relationship between the birthing person and their partner throughout the labor and birth process. I achieve this through education of the partner of what to expect and by modeling techniques and comfort measures for them so that they can be active participants in the labor and birth of their baby.

Some of the many benefits to the partner when hiring a doula are:

  • Takes the pressure off of you and allows you to participate at your own comfort level.

  • Lowers your anxiety by having someone there you can ask all of your questions to (Is this normal? What will happen next? How can I help her?)

  • No need to memorize the minutia of the labor process since your doula will be there to provide information on the stages of labor and what to expect at each point.

  • Knowing you're making truly informed decisions because your doula will provide you with ALL of the pros and cons (and alternatives) to all interventions and procedures being discussed.

Expecting Couple

Don't feel like reading a 300-page book on childbirth? I've got you covered! My doula package includes a thorough and concise 2-hour, online class specifically for YOU, the partner of the birthing person! Click here to learn more about the "Supporting Her" class.

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