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20+ Years of Doula Work and Over 350 Families Supported!

I honestly can't remember a time where babies weren't a part of my life. It began with my 5th birthday present of a Baby Alive doll, and then morphed into caring for real babies when I became a mother's helper at the age of 11. And that was it...I was hooked! For the next 7 years, my only jobs were babysitting and nannying during the summers. I couldn't understand why any of my friends would want to do anything else for a job.


My love of children naturally led to me earning my bachelors degree in Early Childhood/Elementary education from Frostburg State University. I went on to teach 1st, 3rd, and 4th grades. But that was simply a warm-up to the "job" I had always dreamed of holding...being a mother! I had three sons over the course of the next 6 years and I loved {almost} every second of it. I learned A LOT from their very-different births, but one thing that was a constant was having a doula present all three times!

Although I was very busy with my three young boys, I still felt a strong desire to help educate new moms and attend births as a doula. I wanted to be able to help other women the way my doula helped me and my husband. I completed the DONA doula training in 2002 and instantly began attending births. To this day, it is the only job I've ever had that doesn't feel like work...and that's how I know I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be!


I went on to complete many different trainings and certifications, all taken with the intention of providing me with the tools and techniques to offer a well-rounded, whole-body approach to my doula work. I've listed those trainings below, but nothing beats the experience of attending actual births and working hand-in-hand with new families!

Baby Head in Hands.jpg


  • Certified Childbirth Educator-The Bradley Method- November 1999

  • Certified Birth Doula- DONA International- May 2002

  • Spinning Babies Training with founder Gail Tully- April 2006

  • Nationally Certified Massage Therapist-Anne Arundel Community College- December 2010

  • "Happiest Baby on the Block" Certified Educator-Dr Harvey Karp- February 2011

  • Postpartum Doula Training-DONA International- September 2011

  • Certified Educator of Infant Massage-Infant Massage USA- July 2011

  • "Nurturing The Mother" Fertility, Prenatal, & Postpartum Massage-Claire Marie Miller, LMT- April 2013

  • EFT {Emotional Freedom Technique/ "Tapping"} Level 1 Practitioner- EFT International- May 2014

  • Pediatric Craniosacral Therapy Training- Dynamic Body Balancing- September 2013-June 2014

  • Breastfeeding for Birth Professionals Training- DONA International- February 2021

  • TENS Unit Training for Labor- DONA International- April 2021

  • Certified Hypno-Doula- Hypnobabies Birth Hypnosis-March 2022 

  • Gilligan's Guide Training for Optimal Fetal Positioning- Ann Gilligan, L&D RN- March 2023

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